Literature in Heisei Japan(Nov. 22, 2023, Sophia University+Zoom)※Registration required

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Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture for SORW 2023
Literature in Heisei Japan


Literature professors from the Faculty of Liberal Arts:
• Shion Kono
• Matthew Strecher
• Mathew Thompson
• Angela Yiu

Sophia PhDs:
• Munia Hwedi (PhD, Graduate Program in Global Studies, PD, Faculty of Global Studies)
• Valentina Giammaria (PhD, Graduate Program in Global Studies)

Nov. 22, 2023 / 12:30-14:00 (JST) Room 301, 3F, Building 10, Sophia University Hybrid Format
(In person and on Zoom)

Please register:

This roundtable includes several scholars who contributed to the forthcoming anthology of critical essays on literature in Heisei Japan, on the themes of "Language," "Spaces Seen and Unseen," and "Family, Identity, Gender, Body." We hope to stimulate discussions on aspects of literary development in the 30 years of Heisei Japan and trace the creative impulses in a diverse body of work.

This event is organized by Angela Yiu (Professor, FLA, Sophia University) who is also a lead investigator in the ICC Collaborative Research Unit "Multiple Voices in Heisei Literature."

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